Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This one's not as polished as the others, but it's the most useful chart I've made lately. Have you ever considered the testimony of Jesus as a validation or challenge to your own beliefs? Our professor mentioned a handful of stories that Jesus affirms as true, so I wondered if there were other things Jesus beleieved that might be useful to our ears. The prof agreed to let me use it as an assignment, so here's my list of twelve issues people challenge and where Jesus stood on each. See what you think.

I'm tempted to try to sell these (it looks best on 11x17 paper), but I'd need to see if I need permission from the church. Be honest--would anybody buy something like this for a couple of dollars?

For you JC folk, that Jesus is located in Roselawn Cemetary.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Ok, so this isn't going to be more fun. That last one shows the relationship between free will and original sin and our need for grace. This one's a little more accessible and you can look it up.

There are eleven prophecies in the gospel of Matthew where Matthew specifically points out fulfillment. They're a little weird until you see two things: One, Matthew is writing to explain how Jesus is the King of the Jews but they rejected him. The stories take place in the past and show what happened. Two, the prophecies weren't fulfilled in the way we use that word. It's more like they were satisfied. And, some of them are less about Jesus and more about how he parallels something that happened to Israel (like they were rescued from Egypt and so was he). When that clicks, they make a lot of sense, but even better, they tell a story. Matthew was using the references to Old Testament events to explain who Jesus was and to tell they story all over again in a beautiful and elaborate way.

I just finished this for class tomorrow. The story is on the right. If I get a bad grade, I'll fix this post--so don't go preaching any sermons with this yet!