Saturday, September 23, 2006


It seems events of late have swamped my blogtime! My apologies to all of you have built up (unread) in my Bloglines account, but I'm beat. But it's good.

We've been a bit busy since we got here, but the addition of Greek last year certainly changed things! Now that I'm third semester, I honestly put in about four hours of homework for each class (and that's without continuing to memorize so I can pass the proficiency test). So, you might ask, "Is it really worth it?" I ask the same thing on a weekly basis, especially when I'm trying to do a good job at work and at home, but the answer is, "Yes." For those of you who have read the Tolkien trilogy, it's the difference between seeing the movies and reading the books. The movies are great, but there's a level of understanding you get from the book that you just can't match with film. Most people don't need it, but it's great to have a book-reading friend around when the movie gets confusing, especially the first time you see it. That's Greek--it's great to have someone around who can fill us in when the confusing stuff comes up or add the insight that reveals the beauty and mastery of the Word.

Truth is, I'm developing a kind of discipline that I've needed for years and it pays off in other ways. I'm thoroughly enjoying teaching with Wildlife (and, believe it or not, Greek helps; it's amazing the confidence that school builds). I'm enjoying our new Pruitt Saturday Sabbaths (I stayed up till 4 to keep a promise to do no work or school today and it was totally worth it). And... I'm enjoying coaching the Dragonflies! That's right, we just can't keep away from coaching one of the girls! Soccer with three players makes our schedule a bit tough, but the time in the community and the chance to cheer for our daughters make it all worth it (tough is just part of the package for a few more years). Today's game was excellent--it is amazing when you can see 4-year-olds responding to practice and coaching. Today we stopped the ball and turned it around. We've been working on that one skill for two weeks and today they all did it.

It seems I'm learning that I love the chance to teach. Period. 4-year-olds. Junior High. You name it. But most of all, I like to see it work.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Agent of Change

We weren't in the same business, really, but I only pray to be as effective as he was. All of us felt like we knew him and he did something for the world that those of us in ministry long for--he changed it. It wasn't spiritual. It wasn't eternal. But the way we all think about crocodiles and snakes has been altered and it is solely because of his passion and commitment.

We pray that God works through us as we teach, and sometimes He does. But it is inspiring nonetheless to see his influence and wonder what God could do when we become as passionate for people as Steve Irwin was for reptiles.

I'll miss him.