Sunday, December 31, 2006


Sorry I've been out for so long! This semester got a bit overwhelming. And then there's a little experiment I've been working on.

I've often noticed how easy it is to find Christian resources through Google searches and the like, but I've rarely had a way to find reliable Christian resources. AND, I've found many useful things online over the years that I wish I could share with folks. Add to that a desire for pay off school debt, and there you have it: CROSSTIE.ORG. Please VISIT!

Ok, it's really just another blog that looks like a website, but I'm trying to index and evaluate many good online tools with room for the opinions of other folks (it's unmoderated for now). I plan to add at least one a week and label them so you can easily find things through the contents (or the search at the top of the page). I hope to keep the list down to a workable number of good sources and do not plan to evaluate things I don't find useful.Nor do I plan on sticking with evangelical or even Christian material. If I find it helpful for ministry, I'll try to stick it in (for example).

Anyway, take a peek and share your thoughts. I'll be adding book links through Amazon at a later date.