Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkin Party

It's one of the few traditions we've managed to create, but we're really proud of it! This year, Mackenzie outsourced her design through Megan, but Madison and Megan drew their own (the tongue was Meg's idea too). Madison did some cutting and Megan actually cut out those eyes (I used a drill for the freckles; yes I know I'm a redneck). Can you identify them by personality (hint: they picked their own pumpkins)? They go (clockwise from left): Madison, Mackenzie, Megan.

Compare to last year's crop (clockwise from left): Madison's self-drawn, Megan's self-cut and Mackenzie's dad-did-it special.


Anonymous said...

awesome!! Rachel and I just did our first ever pumpkin' carving!! :) i'll have to try and get some pics 'o the end results.

jheran said...

oops.. anonymous .. uh..

Stuart Cowen said...

Great Pictures! Nice drilling, Bud!