Saturday, December 24, 2005

Full Circle

Today was one of those wonderfully blurry days that will be best understood when the photos come back. Ginger bread houses, motorcycles with old friends and a late evening at Starbucks. There were many exceptional moments and many notable thoughts. One observation in particular came in an overdue chat with Neil while drinking an unnamed fru-fru drink made from something that isn't coffee.

The Romans of the first century A.D. considered the Christians to be atheists, because of their refusal to adopt the pantheon of gods that everyone else embraced. This label led to much misunderstanding and even persecution. We noted how similar postmodern American culture is to that of the early church, at least to those in Corinth. And then the observation came--we are like atheists again. We stand out because of our refusal to accept the many views of truth. In a sense, we are the anti-culture. We have been labeled the intolerant.

What a relief. The Gospel absolutely exploded in a culture like that. Now we just have to relearn what exactly the Gospel is and stop doing church.


Nathan Merrick said...

I like this post

Matt Mize said...

I do too. Nice gingerbread houses.

Hankinstien said...

Not to get all mushy, but senteces like the last one on this post are just another of the many reasons I'm so happy you're my boss and my friend. Merry Christmas dude.