Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pumpkins Three

Sometimes it's difficult to recognize just how fast they grow, and to see how the little ones go even faster. Megan cut her own pumpkin when she was six. Madison did it last year at five. Now Mackenzie this year at four. But we sure do have a good time doing it!

They pick the pumpkins and draw their faces. I copy them to the pumpkins and make a lid. Then they do the rest with tools like dull jigsaw blades (ok, I did the mouths for Megan and Mackenzie, but it was just because Kenzie got tired and Megan was worried about the tongue). At the end, I clean them up so the edges are good and the light works well.

You can buy pretty cool designs now, but nothing beats seeing their personalities shine through ;-)

Can you guess?

2006 (above, clockwise from left): Madison's pirate, Mackenzie's scary face and Megan's hillbilly.

2005 (clockwise from left): Madison, Mackenzie, Megan.

2004 (clockwise from left): Madison's self-drawn, Megan's self-cut and Mackenzie's dad-did-it special.


HANNAH said...

Thats soo cute i like them i hope i can do one this year

Mary Ann said...

why is it that the hillbilly is almost always shown with freckles? It's discrimination I tell you! I've never carved a pumpkin...and when I do, it'll be a hillbilly with no hair instead of freckles. :-)

guess what I did... I finally did it.

Steve said...

A tattoo? I was thinking you had gotten baptized ;-)

Megan has freckles, so she includes them on the pumpkins (freckles aren't just for redheads!)

So what is it?

mary ann said...

i've been baptized before thank you. and of course a tattoo...for old storytime sake, thought you might laugh about it.

ah: Megan having freckles explains it. freckles are good. and I know quite a few people who have freckles but not red hair. My sister Hannah for example.

I'll put a pic up on xanga...then you can see it. ;-)

Steve said...

Nice. I have a friend who did his college logo. We laughed, but it does have a good story with it.

Anonymous said...

How do you light up your pumpkins?

f1rststory said...

cool pumpkins ;)

Wendy said...

Little candles. I just hold the shutter open for a bit on a tripod and let the light fill things up.

Steve (from Wendy's computer).

andy said...

you should check out the photographer nicholas Nixon... he did something similar to your pumpkins...but with his wife and her sisters--he has been photographing them in the same order for thirty years or something like's really the pumpkins.

Michelle said...

I guessed them right when I saw them at the front door and I have to say I was unreasonably proud of myself :)

Steve said...

That's impressive!