Monday, August 29, 2005


Just spoke with Mom (Monday afternoon):
Sisters, if you're reading this, don't tell her I told. After two weeks, Dad goes back to his physician, but if things aren't progressing well, he'll go to a pulmonologist. That's all to be expected. What disturbs Mom, however, is that pneumonia has been so quickly found. In her experience, it is always very difficult to find it. It doesn't just show up the size of a baseball on an X-Ray. So, she's still uneasy...and worried.

Dad's going home this afternoon and they believe it truly is pneumonia! There will be a follow-up X-Ray in two weeks to confirm and monitor, but for now, that's it. Antibiotics and no chemotherapy.... Thanks for praying!

They want to keep Dad until Monday, at least, so the radiologists can look at him. There's a spot on his lung the size of a baseball. It might not be pneumonia... Mom's having a hard time talking about it. Please pray for my family.

Dad was doing better today. The initial tests for tuberculosis were negative and no one has mentioned a stroke. They had a scare this morning when he started shaking pretty significantly and the doctors ignored Mom about it at first. Later, she pointed out that they had been failing to give him Morphine, to which he is necessarily addicted. They had sent him into withdrawal and later apologized.


Anonymous said...

sweet, i didnt know i could comment without getting a wierd 'blog' name dealio. awesome! no offense steve, but blogspot is really dorky, you should really stick with xanga....why am i doing this anyway.

this is katy by the way. eheh.

well, now i feel im going to go.


Jesusfreakelf said...

haha i am such a loser, i made one of those thingys to comment on seth's thingy

you should comment me


Hankinstien said...

Glad to hear some good news on this. It's wierd that we haven't ever talked about the rest of your family before. I'm interested to hear more. Keep us updated!

Dewy said...

STEVE!!! It's good to see you're alive! :) Things here are ok. I mean job wise...awesome! Home wise... Jim and Suzanne are in Washington state and I'm here. It's hard kinda being on my own with no guidance that they once provided. I'm sorry about your dad, will pray that God heals him. But I have to say before I go...You're a Tennessean first and foremost. HAHA! I'll have a website up soon...Just haven't had time to get it...I'll give you the link soon.

Brennydoogles said...

That's rough with your Dad steve. To answer your question, Lucas does not have a blog of any type. He used to have a xanga, but he shut it down due to some drama.

Lace said...

I saw that you had visted my site. I think u know my cuz Brooke. Sorry to hear about ur dad. It sounds like ur not going to have any major "wish I had"'s when he's finally called home, but I wish you many years of shared memories.

Mary Ann said...

ahh...makes sense now. When have you talked to Mom? Glad you liked the poem. It's the only one I've written in a while...though I feel another one coming on. Hopefully a little less intense. :-) Glad September is here and maybe a little less heat? I sure am.