Monday, September 04, 2006

Agent of Change

We weren't in the same business, really, but I only pray to be as effective as he was. All of us felt like we knew him and he did something for the world that those of us in ministry long for--he changed it. It wasn't spiritual. It wasn't eternal. But the way we all think about crocodiles and snakes has been altered and it is solely because of his passion and commitment.

We pray that God works through us as we teach, and sometimes He does. But it is inspiring nonetheless to see his influence and wonder what God could do when we become as passionate for people as Steve Irwin was for reptiles.

I'll miss him.


f1rststory said...

me too. ;)

sekondstory said...

Luke asked me today if there was going to be another Crocodile Hunter? :(

BirkenEarthyKel said...

man, it's weird, i keep having dreams about him. I often wonder if I feel so bad about his death beacuse his family played such a large role in his life and in his show. I mostly find myself thinking about his family. Sad.

Nice picture by the way. you need a Life is Good hat :)