Monday, March 20, 2006

Beaver Bend

It was colder than we expected. It was more rustic than we expected. It was less kid-friendly than we expected. It was exactly what we needed. Wendy will put up some more pictures tomorrow and she may disagree in her assessment, but I believe the camping trip that we cut short was a wonderful beginning to a wonderful week.

My soul needed the walks in the dark and the outdoor cooking and the chance to walk around with a hunting knife again. My kids needed a family without computers and cell phones and a daddy who had time and could teach them things. Wendy needed a husband fully alive again. We speak often of the busyness that comes when seminary is in session, but it's only in weeks like that when we really appreciate just how difficult life had been.

A week of late mornings, laughing children, long delayed projects, a smiling Wendy and a focused Steve brings us up to date like a long unbalanced checkbook. Now we once again begin to make withdrawals and we pray that the lessons of last week stick. We pray that we not let the account sink so low before the deposits come.

It was one of the best weeks of my life.

Tuesdays 2:
1-The Nehemiah sermon is online. There is no PowerPoint--I used props on stage. It will be awhile before I tell the other part of the story.
2-My sister Patti was in town tonight and took us to dinner and then sat down at our house for a long and well cherished family catch-up session.


Brennydoogles said...

I understand what you mean with needing to be out in nature again. We went out to Buffalo mountain camp yesterday to see where we will be staying this summer, and it will be nice to be living more outdoor than we were at the gorge. It will be odd slepping in a different bed than my wife for three months, but I think we will grow that much closer because of it. I hope you're doing well, and give me a call sometime.

texnartist said...


My wife grew up going to camp joy in Tennese. She was wondering if that was one you used to send your team to.

Anyway, I know what it is to need a break. That is why I spend so much time sitting in the tops of trees in the fall.


Steve said...

Congratulations on Noah!! I love the black-and-white you put up.

Kirk Cameron and The Way of the Master guy were on Nightline last week--they did a good job and the report was handled respectfully. I was most impressed with Kirk. I think I had relegated him to "washed out actor" and wondered about how solid he is, but he was very articulate and clearly intentional in his present ministry. It's funny/ironic to hear their purpose and then know they're on TBN!

We used a number of camps back in TN, but I'm not famiiar with Camp Joy. Doe River Gorge was founded by a friend and is really close to the very tip of the state.

Johnny T said...

If I had to make the choice between technology and primitive skills/knowledge I wouldn't have any difficulty letting the techy stuff go.
Rob and I had this conversation once, he preferred technology and I preferred the opposite. I ended up getting frustrated because I couldn't get him to agree with me.

sekondstory said...

definitly primitive, however my life is easier because Tim chooses the other.

Wendy said...

I wished the bathrooms had not been so dirty. Okay, I guess that I am spoiled. Maybe, I need a mission project soon to give me the right perspective again!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any opinion on "The Word on the Street" by Rob Lacey?

BirkenEarthyKel said...

I'd take primitive anyday. I grew up camping, and when my parents would upgrade campers from a cozy little pop-up we had, I bought a tent. Rain, or not, I slept outside. Nothing like being one with nature.
One of our favorite campgrounds ever is Elkmont, in the Smokies. Wendy, Elkmont is so rustic, the bathrooms could hardly be called bathrooms and I remember Christy screaming all the time because they were teeming with Grand Daddy Long Legs,hahahaha. Ah, the good ole' days.