Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Two More

Ok--I'm starting to whine, but we're really wondering what God is up to (or is it the enemy?).

This morning, Madison got up sick (again) and then the hard drive crashed on Wendy's computer (as in, "computer no longer functions"). And, I haven't mentioned it, but Dad went into a wheelchair a couple of weeks ago from an injury, but it looks like he'll never leave it. A test last week said "degenrative bone disease" and that he has worsened. We looked at pictures and stuff this weekend--the change in him over the eight years Megan has been with us was startling.

BUT, I did have a GREAT lunch with Cody. Lesson learned: communication in print is tricky--you just don't understand until you can hear a person's tone and see his face. Then you can communicate.


Johnny T said...

Sorry to hear about your dad, and the family sickness. That's good you sat down with Cody. I myself do better when writing because I have time to process thoughts and such.

Mary Ann said...

I was talking about you this week. Just so you know--you're still really loved, missed, and fondly thought of here. I hope that one day I'll make as much of a difference as you have.

BirkenEarthyKel said...

Sorry to hear about your dad, that's a real bummer. Hang in there.
You know, on bad days like that, I tend to say "scew it", pack it up and go do something fun :)

texnartist said...

Here is the video link to the print outs on U2.


(just copy that into your browser)

If you want to check out other Exposes Check out this link... I would be interest in what you think of it.

AmberShea said...

Cody, who is Scott?

AmberShea said...

im on my way to Texas!!!! i will call yall when i get there! yea ! i am sooo excited! its 2:30 in the moring i need to go to sleep!

sekondstory said...

It is hard to get to know someone's heart over type. This type of communication works best in situations where people have a solid frienship already, and even then you always have to give people the benefit of the doubt.

We are praying for you guys!!!!

texnartist said...

Type - o

sorry, I meant steve.

That is what happens when you are doing to many things at once.


Brady said...

Hey Steve,
you should really email me sometime at I'm getting married in May and i wanted to get your mailing address.